Chance Welton Review (2023 Update): Is He REALLY any good?! Be Careful Until You Read!

Chance Welton: Contemporary Millionaires Introduction
Why is lead creation so important for your company’s sales and marketing?

That’s simple: revenue.

To keep sales going, you must constantly produce new leads. However, your current consumers are insufficient to keep your firm afloat. You’ll need new clients who are excited about the image and products of your firm. That is what lead generation is all about.

In this piece, we’ll look at Modern Millionaires, a company that generates leads for small businesses.

Now, I want to be really honest here, so…

DISCLAIMER: This Chance Welton review has been thoroughly researched using publicly available information and testimonials. Any judgments I reach are purely subjective.

Contents Table
What I Liked About the Pros
Landing page training
Online Facebook group support Training on email marketing and dealing with incorrect email addresses
They demonstrate how to create PPC sponsored advertising for both Google and Facebook.

Cons: What I Disliked
There is some disarray.
Modern Millionaires is a program for generating leads. And, to be honest, this is arguably one of the better business strategies available.

What Exactly Are Modern Millionaires?
Is Modern Millionaires a Scam?
Modern Millionaires is similar to the other money-making opportunities available on the internet. It is yet another online course that teaches students how to run an internet-based business effectively.

The lead generation business concept will be taught to you here. While it may appear complicated, it is actually much simpler than it appears.

You make money by bringing small businesses leads (or clients). In the instance of Modern Millionaires, you’ll be shown how to generate leads using Google and Facebook sponsored ads.

Being a lead generating expert makes you more enticing to business owner consumers, and they will continue to request your services. And for a number of reasons:

The majority of them have no idea how to properly sell themselves.

And if they do, they simply won’t have time to create their marketing strategy and would prefer to outsource it.

Many businesses who try to run Facebook advertisements or YouTube ads don’t know what they’re doing and end up disappointed because they wasted millions of dollars.

Furthermore, while running Facebook ads and Google ads is unquestionably more expensive than SEO, they provide a lot of advantages that make them preferred, such as better visibility, a higher conversion rate, and a range of other perks.

However, if you believe that Modern Millionaires is already a wonderful online course based on this, you should think again. After all, this entire course has had, and continues to have, a very terrible reputation.

The Men Who Created Modern Millionaires (Aka Officeless Agency)
Abdul Farooqi and Chance Welton
Modern Millionaires was created by a two-man team: Chance Welton and Abdul Farooqi.

Abdul and Chance appear to be successful online entrepreneurs. They claim to have ran numerous firms with annual revenues in the seven figures.

However, it is questionable whether they truly became wealthy by employing the lead generation strategies taught in their courses. They may have just become wealthy by duping others into taking their online course based on their aggressive marketing.

Even their Forbes inclusion isn’t enough to convince you of their legitimacy because these features are frequently sponsored.

Abdul Farooqi: Who Is He?
After engaging in a lead generation coaching program, Abdul started his marketing firm, SAMAD CONSULTING INC. dba Lions Digital Solutions, in 2013.

Prior to that, he worked in a number of financial positions after graduating with a Bachelor of Commerce from the University of British Columbia.

Chance Welton: Who Is He?
Chance Welton established his own marketing company, Beachwood Marketing, in 2014.

However, it appears like Abdul and Chance have been concentrating on their primary moneymakers, which are their courses, first with Millionaire Middleman, then adding the “masterclass” of Officeless Agency, and eventually renaming Millionaire Middleman as Modern Millionaires.

What Business Models Do Modern Millionaires Adopt?
Review of Modern Millionaires What is their business model?
The business concept you’ll learn about on Modern Millionaires is “lead generation.”

What Do Today’s Billionaires Teach?
Modern Millionaires also provides an online course.
The entire goal of this course is to teach you how to get clients, namely through PPC (Pay Per Click) advertising on Google and Facebook.

They educate you on landing pages. This is one of the first steps in the advertisement creation process. Abdul shares a strategy for finding the greatest landing pages. If they have advertisements, you can find them on Google. Once you’ve done that, his advice is to examine and enhance them.

If you do this, you will be able to find out how to outperform them if you are in the same market.

Abdul walks you through the entire Facebook advertising process, from designing ads to continually optimizing them so they continue to convert for you.

What Is Included In The Modern Millionaires System?
When you apply for Modern Millionaires, you will be given three package options to choose from. The purpose of these three packages is to allow users to select the best option for their company needs.

According to Modern Millionaires, each plan gives you the same chance to establish your own marketing agency. The three packages advertised on the show, along with their inclusions, are listed below.

Do-It-Yourself (DIY) (DIY)
This package is designed for folks who want to start their own agency from scratch. This will only provide you with the necessary instruction and mentoring.

As part of this package, you will have access to the following items:

  1. Training modules of four weeks duration
  2. Membership in a private Facebook group
  3. Online support is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.
  4. Daily mentoring calls (although it seems to be less now)
  5. Advertising System for Modern Millionaires

MM Funnels 6

Modern Millionaires’ Automated Lead Nurturing

Done-With-You (DWY) (DWY)
This is for people who still want to start their own internet-based business but would like some online assistance from the corporation. In order to maintain things working properly, the corporation will coach ongoing accountability.

This DIY package includes everything from previous DIY packages, as well as some additional items:

  1. Attendance at a 90-day agency boot camp
  2. A personal coach who will help you launch your agency.
  3. Twice a week, you’ll get two 3-hour calls with your coach.
  4. Ongoing accountability and coaching specific to you and your industry.

Done-For-You (DFY) (DFY)
This package is designed for the person who has the ability to generate a second source of income but lacks the daily hours to set it up and make it lucrative on their own.

You will not receive any training or coaching, as you may assume from this package. Because everything has been “done for you.”

Here are some of the simple steps you must do to get your internet business up and running with this package: Create your brand, your agency website, your niche/industry, your marketing platform, and your customer acquisition system. Get your first client and set up your first fulfillment system.

Modules for Modern Millionaires
These training modules are available only if you purchased the DIY or DWY packages. If you choose the DFY package, you won’t be able to access it (but why would you when everything is done for you?)

This software bundle contains four major modules. The third module is further broken into three “sub-modules,” for a total of seven modules per session.

Examine each module to see what they’re going to teach you.

Module 1: The Groundwork
In this first module, they will teach you the essentials of this company concept.

What exactly is this company’s nature? Why should you consider starting this business? Everything will be described in this section.

This module is dubbed “The Foundation” because it covers foundational subjects. Setting up a website for consumers, buying domains, learning how to create a website from the ground up, niche selection, and the legal paperwork required to start an internet advertising business are a few examples.

You will also be provided information on how to start your advertising firm properly.

Please bear in mind that the information on this page is based on the assumption that you live in the United States, so your findings may vary depending on your location. However, the majority of the time, the information is transferable.

Prospecting and Sales Module 2
Valid email addresses are required for prospecting; invalid ones should be avoided.
Finding a consumer who will pay you month after month is the most challenging task in this company strategy.

So, in this section, they will show you consumer acquisition strategies.

This module uses cold emailing, cold phoning, and professional networking to reach out to local business owners. You’ll also discover how to conclude deals and sign contracts with local business owners.

Finally, this module will advise you on the best mode of payment for you.

Module three
The third module is subdivided into three sections. They are all about how to use various platforms to increase traffic to your clients’ websites or whatever else you want.

Using Google Ads to Drive Traffic
Google Ads Driven Traffic
This module will teach you how to use Google advertisements to create traffic and make money for your customers. It also discusses how to start Google advertising campaigns with a little budget and then scale them up to match your demands.

FaceBook Ads for Driving Traffic
Here, you’ll learn how to run Facebook sponsored advertising to make money for yourself and your customers. It also contains guidelines for setting up, running, and growing marketing campaigns.

It is largely the same as Module 3A, except that it focuses on Facebook (and possibly other social media) ads this time.

Increasing Traffic for Lead Nurturing
It’s fine to get traffic, but if you don’t convert those leads, you’re wasting your money. This class will educate you how to create sales and convert leads effectively. This is essentially a consolidation of the ad training you received in previous lessons.

Autopilot is the fourth module.
This module is all about “automating” your lead generation business methods so that you may produce passive revenue online with little effort. Topics covered include scaling your business and establishing a team that can work for you and your company 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

To discover freelancers, the module recommends using Fiverr and Upwork. While these are wonderful places to find freelancers, competing sites such as and are better if you’re looking for exceptional freelancers.

How Much Does The Modern Millionaires Coaching Program Cost?

With fees ranging from $5000 to $7000, it is one of the most expensive marketing courses accessible. But their D4U products and services would cost you even more…

That $5,000 is only the start!

Modern Millionaires Scam?

Because the business models Chance and Abdul are teaching are legitimate, I wouldn’t be surprised if some of their students succeed.

So, are Chance Welton and MM a swindle?


It’s just not our top pick.

Is Online Business a Good Way to Make Money, According to Modern Millionaires?
Earn money with the Modern Millionaires program.
The world has changed. The digital world has us living in a totally different era. Who would have predicted that brick-and-mortar business models would be replaced by brick-and-clicks business models? True, everyone is going online. Traditional businesses do not have the following advantages that online enterprises do:

Capability to conduct business on any day of the year.
Gaining access to a broader market.
Reduced price.
This will provide you more time to work on your business, spend time with family and friends, or simply relax. You have more control over your time, and you’ll have enough of it when you produce local leads with free visitors.
What Exactly Is the Officeless Agency Masterclass?
Masterclass on Officeless Agencies
Modern Millionaires was once known as the Millionaire Middleman, but after receiving a lot of bad feedback and reviews on the internet, they relaunched their old course as Modern Millionaires.

In a nutshell, Modern Millionaires, Millionaire Middleman, and Officeless Agency are all variations on the same course.

Use YouTube Ads to create leads.
Is It Worth It to Watch Modern Millionaires?
There’s no doubting that local company owners seek leads in today’s digital world. They are constantly looking for fresh ways to attract new customers. This is why so many online courses teach skills such as lead creation.

Modern Millionaires, also known as Officeless Agency, shows you exactly how to do so by teaching you how to gain consumers through PPC ads.

However, when it comes to starting a business, you have many possibilities.

Even if you’re dead set on being a lead generation guru, Officeless Agency or Modern Millionaires are far superior solutions.

Keep in mind that I am not compensated to promote any of the programs I review. Personally, I believe that lead generation is a terrific business concept, but you could wind up losing a lot of money with Chance Welton in particular.

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